- What are the different dictation capture options your transcription service can offer?
Dictators can either directly into our dictation servers using our toll free telephone lines or you may use handheld PDAs or Digital recorders.

- Are there any specific hours your toll free dictation system operates?
NO, our dictation systems are accessible 24x7 and you may dictate from anywhere at anytime using a touch-tone phone as well as cell phone.

- Do you recommend Digital handheld recorders or PDAs and how much they cost?
We don’t insist any specific make or brand. However some of the recorders that competitively priced and easy to use are Phillips, Sanyo, Sony, Olympus, Uher, Voice IT, etc. Their prices range from approximately $100to $475.

- How do we transfer the dictation to you?
All your dictations dictated via toll free lines become accessible for our service the moment you hang up the line. Those of you who prefer using handheld recorders and PDAs, the dictations will be automatically uploaded to our secure FTP servers using our custom designed Auto File Transfer software.

- Do you provide training to our staff during setting and startup of the service?
Yes, we do provide a no cost training to all your staff interacting with our service. Our setup and custom designed software is simple and user friendly and can be up and running in less than an hour and require very little Computer knowledge.

- Did you build up enough redundancies for your dictation servers and FTP servers?
There is enough redundancy built into our servers and drives and archiving setup. This is achieved through mirroring and secure offsite backups should the primary system fails.

- Do you provide online support to your medical transcription services?
Apart from telephonic support during working hours we do provide 7x24 online Live Chat support to our clients.

- What equipment do we need at our end?
All you need is a computer with Windows 98 or higher operating system with Internet Explorer 5.5 version and above. You will need dialup or broadband Internet connection for uploading of dictations when using handheld recorders

- Does your service interfaces with speech recognition software generated files?
Yes, Indigo offers refinement of transcripts generated through Speech Recognition Software System at lesser price depending on the software generated quality.

- Are your medical transcription services are HIPAA compliant?
Yes, we have established detailed chain-of-trust - technical and administrative - measures to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the personal health information of the patients. To know more about our implementation of HIPAA compliance measures, please click HERE.

- What are the security measures you have in place while voice and documents are being transmitted among servers and computers over Internet?
All dictations, documents and data are securely transmitted between our Dictation/FTP servers and Indian Back office servers in a 128 SSL encryption mode. All this is backed up by an insitu hardware and software firewall and VPN environment.

- Does your staff sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements?
Yes, all our transcriptionists and supporting staff sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they take employment with us.

- Do you sub-contract our transcription work?
We do not subcontract the work and all work is handled in-house with verifiable virtual and physical security measures to safeguard patient information.

- What will be the turn-around time of medical transcriptions?
The default turn-around time for general transcription of charts will be before 9 AM the following day, which is less than 24 hours turn-around time.

- Do you offer STAT transcription service?
Yes, we do take up STAT work with varied price structure depending on the TAT.

- What medical transcription quality measures you have in place?
We have two tiered transcription proofing system in place to ensure committed and consistent quality of above 98%. Apart from this there are quality assurance team that checks for formatting, demographic, language and omission errors.

- How long do you archive our dictation and charts?
We archive voice files for two months and dictation charts every six months and permanently delete thereafter. However on specific request from clients we can offer longer archiving service.

- Do we need to give you any lead-time to sign up your service?
A practice of 15doctors and below can be started off right away while we can handle additional doctors with a lead-time of ten days. In case of one or two doctors we can we can handle in less than an hour notice.

- What are your Services Capabilities?
We offer medical transcription Individual Doctors, Group Practices and Hospitals.

- Do you offer backlog/spillovers clear up service?
Yes we can clear up back logs/spill overs at fixed terms. For detailed terms please click HERE.

- What are the different document delivery methods you have in place?
We can General transcriptions charts through encrypted mails, remote printing and direct upload to client servers through secure SSL links.

- How are your fees based on?
Our pricing quotes are normally based on per line, but we also offer quote per page, per minute of dictation, etc., depending on client requirements. There will be discounting option if there are significant volume commitments.

- What word processing formats charts will be typed?
We can deliver charts in generated on wide range of word processors like MS Word, Word Perfect DOS, Word Perfect for windows, Rich text Format and other client customized and ready to print pdf formats.

- What Specialties your service can support?
We Service all specialties, including: Cardiology, OB/GYN, Emergency Room, Oncology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Podiatric, Gastroenterology, Physiotherapy, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hematology, Psychiatry, Hematology, Pulmonary, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Nephrology, Rhuematology, Neurology, Urology

- What procedures your transcription service supports?
We Support all procedures, including: Chart Notes, Lab Reports, Consultations, STAT Reports, Discharge Summary, Operations Reports, Follow-up and Referral Letters, SOAP Notes (Subjective Objective Assessment Plan), History and Procedure Reports (H&P)

- Do you help in customizing the reports?
We offer customized reports and letter formats to suite your medical records needs.

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