Security, Confidentiality & Compliance

Indigo Services are fully compliant with HIPAA Security and Privacy requirements by creating an ideal "Chain of Trust" environment by seamlessly integrating client-side software with a multiple layered of security and a client verifiable confidentiality throughout the entire system.

As your business partner, Indigo will mirror the responsibilities you have as a Business Associate. We ensured compliance with HIPAA within a distributed, offshore workflow model by taking care of the three most important features of the proposed regulations – as they relate to medical transcription – cover the subjects of transmission, protection and accountability of PHI – thus establishing the so called “chain of trust”.
Security and confidentiality is ensured through a set of failsafe mechanisms during -

The secure transmission of PHI in both voice and text formats is ensured through 128-bit SSL encryption in a dedicated / leased lines/VPN environment. Checkpoint firewalls are in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access of servers.

The security and access of PHI data is ensured through. Access if further regulated through clearly defined protocols detailing privacy requirements and work and role defined access regulation thorough username/passwords.

All employees are trained on privacy requirements and sign a "Statement of Non-disclosure and confidentiality" apart from an ongoing audit procedures. IndigoTrans’s proprietary workflow engine provides privacy and compliance at each step of the transcription process through End to End audit trail, Job routing for each job, Time-tracking throughout the job life-span, Unique IDs for dictators, password controlled layered by user-and role-based functions.

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