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Why Outsource your Medical Transcription?

Stringent Federal regulations, Insurance companies, and consumers and HIPPA guidelines have made the digitization of health records mandatory not only in hospitals, but also in the general ambulatory and physician care environments. Handwritten notes in the legacy systems are not meeting these new demands.

If healthcare practices consider the total cost of transcription to their practice when done internally the outsourcing becomes an attractive cost saving option.. (A general thumb rule is to multiply your transcriptionists labor and benefits by 250%.) It becomes obvious that there are many indirect costs associated with in-house staff, such as:
  • Underutilized Medical Transcription (as low as 50%)
  • Technical Support
  • Equipment Costs and Maintenance
  • Equipment Depreciation
  • Software Upgrades
  • Office Space and Utilities
  • Recruiting and Training Costs

However, savings apart when one considers the other spin offs such quality and accuracy, turnaround time, and in-house staffing levels and operational efficiency of the system – all adds up to one word –VALUE.

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