Technology Platform
Technology Platform
Secure Data Transfer
Dictation Modes
Document Delivery
Process Flow
Indigo is capable of integrating technology to suit the business needs of you and has the resources to develop solutions to suit a work-flow specification, a demographic, a software interface or a delivery mechanism.

Our state of the technology ensures that users can dictate and receive digital voice data from any location and device and completed transcripts can be electronically securely delivered avoiding human intervention/distribution.

Versatile Digital Dictation Capture
The Indigo accepts wide range digital voice files– both industry standard (Windows media player) or proprietary (e.g. Olympus DSS player) and also files generated through various audio codecs. Our experience and technology ensures that legacy system of client is seamlessly interfaced without hassles of migration as Indigo supports the export of voice files into usable formats from client’s existing legacy dictation systems. Indigo proprietary platform routinely interfaces with numerous industry standard, digital voice capture tools including Dictaphone, Lanier, DVI, Crescendo and FutureNet as well as newer digital hand-held devices such as the Olympus DS3000, Sony Memory Sticks and voice-application ready PDA / Palm-like devices.

Varied Demographic Capture
Indigo supports a broad range of procedures for capturing and transferring physician and patient demographic data. like - faxed (paper/electronic) lists, flat file and XML formats, HL7/ADT feeds and integrated demographic/dictation files available through a variety of hand-held devices.

Wide Choice of Word processor Platform

Indigo workflow engine supports uploading and downloading of various file formats such as MSWord platform and WordPerfect.

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